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Welcome to NEXD's Sea of Thieves Community
Set Sail with NEXDAhoy, pirates! Welcome to the NEXD Sea of Thieves community, where adventures await and legends are born. Whether you're navigating stormy seas or discovering hidden treasures, our community is the perfect place to enhance your pirating experience.

Discover the SeasSea of Thieves is not just a game; it’s a grand voyage into a world filled with pirates, plunder, and peril. Here at NEXD, we bring together players who share a passion for high-seas adventure. From epic ship battles to finding that elusive loot, we live for the thrill of the hunt and the camaraderie of the crew.

Why Join NEXD?Our community is all about making your Sea of Thieves experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Active Discord: Dive into discussions, share your pirate tales, and get tips from veteran sailors.

  • Community Events: Participate in thrilling events and challenges organized by our community, designed to test your pirate skills and offer great rewards.

  • Supportive Crew: New to the game or looking to master advanced tactics? Our experienced members are here to help you every step of the way.

  • Guides and Tips: Access a treasure trove of resources, from beginner guides to advanced strategies, all created by our passionate community members.

How to Join the FunJoining NEXD is simple and free:

  1. Sign Up: Register on our website to unlock all community features and start your adventure with us.

  2. Join Our Discord: For the latest news, event updates, and to find crewmates quickly, join our Discord server.

  3. Introduce Yourself: Head over to our Discord and let us know who you are and start to sail with us.

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